Steel Storm, an indie top-down arcade shooter. SP, DM and COOP! Linux, Mac and Win platforms.

2nd Anniversary !!!

Steel Storm: Burning Retribution turned 2 years old yesterday !

Happy Birthday Steel Storm!


Steel Storm is 1 year old! Happy birthday!

Steel Storm: Burning Retribution was released on May 11th 2011. Today we are celebrating the game's birthday :) Happy birthday and live long, Steel Storm!


Plasma Flintlock is officially done, almost :)

I just need to add sounds and it will be final!


Happy New Year!!!

Kot-in-Action Creative Artel wishes you all the best in the upcoming 2012. Have joy, strong health, happiness and prosperity! Cheers!


Seattle is waiting for us, baby !!!

Heading to Seattle, WA today to meet Kot-in-Action's lead coder, codename "daemon"! It will be team reunion so to speak :)

Sounds like we might be meeting some important people there. Keeping my fingers crossed already, hoping it will all go well. The photo session and the trip diary will be coming after we come back August 30th. Stay tuned.


Forgotten art of enjoying simple things

I could not agree more with the following image:

gaming back then and gaming now image

Gamers, please remember how to have fun with such simple games as Doom, Quake and Heretic/Hexen, Dangerous Dave. It seems to me, that ordinary games are being meh'ed nowadays and only "nuovo"-type games are being recognized. I suppose people need to learn (or remember, for those who older) long forgotten art of enjoying simple things in life, including simple games.

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Update 2.00.02817 for Burning Retribution

Changelog 05/25/2011:


+ full support of Microsoft Xbox 360 gamepads (XInput) on Windows (support on Linux and Mac OSX depends on how well OS supports the device natively)
+ default gamepad settings now match Microsoft Xbox 360 controls for the Logitech Rumblepad 2
+ fixed freezing game when player is challenged by Heavy Tank with Minigun for Linux client (new Linux client requires updated kernel and updated libs)
+ increased timer on eradication from 12 to 20 minutes
+ added dynamic lights to all projectiles, explosions, weapon hits, muzzleflashes, player jets (best not to enable on slower systems)
+ player's oldorigin set to spawn location at spawn/respawn
+ rewrote player positioning code for player spawns. this should fix the issue with players spawning at '0 0 0'
+ fixed a possible issue with storm shield on the server
+ fixed possible issues with storm shield timing
+ fixed the height of storm shield plasma balls
+ fixed issues with low fps and storm shield
+ cleaned up .cfg files
+ global lives is now reset on server stat reset
+ on map start, if the mission cvar is not set, the server does not look for a mission file, then singleplayer mode is disabled and all clients are updated of the game mode change (if for some reason they connected before the server looked for an entity file)
+ if a mission file is looked for on map start but not found, the server stats are reset in the previously mentioned manner
+ if the current map does not match the map specified in the mission file on map start the server stats are reset
+ fixed an issue with plasma sprite explosions possibly not being removed
+ explosions now fade correctly
+ fixed possible issues with explosions removing
+ fixed possible issues with rift effects timing
+ fixed bugs in every language translation file other than russian for the m_Draw_Confirm_JoinServer.txt which was showing several server stats as blank on the server join confirmation menu
+ min players is no longer drawn on the server join confirmation menu
+ you can no longer damage yourself in some gamemodes with your own radius damage
+ fixed the bugs that were allowing the reticle to move around while paused or in the menu
+ fixed a bug that wasn't allowing players to bind keys to controls that were set up to function as back buttons while in the menu (except the keyboard ESC key)
+ fixed a possible timing issue with some basic animations and low fps
+ fixed a timing issue with removal of explosion sprites
+ when the player is starting a single player mission the server won't allow him to move with joysticks while the mission briefing is up even if the client tries to cheat out of it
+ when other menus are active on the client, the server disables joystick axis movement (this can be cheated out of but will give no advantage to the player)
+ fixed a bug that was cutting off control titles when setting a key
+ joystick turn sensitivity now ranges from 0.05 to 6 instead of 0.1 to 9
+ fixed a bug that was recognizing up keys as an attempt at control settings (causing enter to close the key input menu in controls)
+ fixed a bug that was messing up text for the control title when setting controls
+ fixed typo in icebound paradise
+ fixed a bug that was spawning countless shield effect ents when a beam type weapon is hitting a target
+ fixed a bug that was drawing the thunderbolt too far away from the player
+ fixed some bugs that were aiming projectiles too high
+ fixed a bug that was drawing beams in the wrong place when the target is dead
+ updated all server configs with new and missing values
+ added an option for public guest editor access to the advanced server options menu which allows any player to access the editor in guest mode (no save/clear/reload)
+ when accessing the editor on a server, the player is now given the option to enter a password for admin mode, or if the server or an admin allows it, enter guest mode directly w/o entering a password.
+ if a player has already been granted guest editor access, that play can still enter a password to enter admin mode. (players can't be locked out of admin mode by granting them editor access or setting the server to allow guest editors)
+ server editor options are now hidden in the advanced host options menu unless the editor toggle is enabled
+ guest editor access can no longer be toggled in the admin player list if the server is running in public guest editor mode
+ fixed a bug in the admin player list that was not drawing on the next line after an player is listed that cannot be modified
+ fixed a bug that was preventing players who were jumping from a very low score to first place to not be sorted correctly in the scoreboard