Steel Storm, an indie top-down arcade shooter. SP, DM and COOP! Linux, Mac and Win platforms.

The Team

Kot-in-Action Creative Artel is a small, independent video game developer, a privately owned entity dedicated to creating and producing fun to play video games. We are international team with members scattered across US and the rest of the world. “Headquarters” are located in Del Rio, Texas in the US.

The core of Kot-in-Action Creative Artel consist of only 1 team member - Alexander "motorsep" Zubov. Most of the development of Steel Storm Episode I and Episode II has been fueled by the human power of two individuals - Alexander "motorsep" Zubov and Clay "daemon" Cameron.

However the game would not be what it is now without help from the awesome people, who joined the core team at the latter stages of the development cycle.

Game Design

Alexander "motorsep" Zubov

Forest "LordHavoc" Hale

Clay "daemon" Cameron

Art Director / Artist / Level designer

Alexander "motorsep" Zubov

Lead Game logic / In-game Tools Programmer

Clay "daemon" Cameron

Additional In-Game Tools Programmer

Pavel "VorteX" Timofeev

Darkplaces Engine support team

Forest "LordHavoc" Hale

Rudolf "DivVerent" Polzer

Lead Level Designer

Pawel "ShadoW" Chrapka

World textures artist

Georges "TraK" Grondin

Alexander "motorsep" Zubov

Music / Sound effects design

Christian Floisand

Igor Correia

Business Development

Michael "Ratchet" Lubker

IT Support

Paul "Echon" Jackson



Special Thank You

Andreas "Black" Kirsch

Lee "eihrul" Salzman


Samual Lenks

Daniel Salazar

Alex "Jehar" Popa

Merlijn Hofstra

Steve Valdez

Michael Hadam

Arturo Gonzalez Silva

Chris Hogan

Adam Stovicek

Sven Arvidsson