Steel Storm, an indie top-down arcade shooter. SP, DM and COOP! Linux, Mac and Win platforms.

Steel Storm got an update on Steam !!!

Steel Storm got an update on Steam, which fixes Mac OS X sound issues and improves collisions on the terrain of Burning Sands.

This update was not tested with Mac OS X 10.5.8 because support for that particular OS X version is being dropped.

A free map and mission for Steel Storm are coming soon to Steam. Updates for other platform will be coming soon, stay tuned.


Steel Storm: Towers of Doom MOBA mod is here !!!

We have released our secret internal prototype of the MOBA game mode called Steel Storm: Towers of Doom for free for all of the Steel Storm users on Steam!

Towers of Doom, or ToD as we call it, is simply a mod for Steel Storm: Burning Retribution. To run it you have to right click on Steel Storm: Burning Retribution in your Steam games Library, go to Properties and then to Set Launch Options. Copy and paste the following to the options field:

-game tod -customgameuserdirname steelstorm-tod

Once that is done, next time you launch the game you will end up in the ToD mod. You can either Join existing game or Host your own game. We have 2 official servers running at this moment. As usual, you can launch your own dedicated server for ToD using launch_tod_server.bat or run your in-game server.

For Q&A and discussion of the ToD mod, please join Steam forums HERE

ATTENTION: The mod is in it's early alpha stage. There might be bugs. There are no global leaderboards yet. The more people play it the higher the probability of ToD becoming fully fledged game mode of the Steel Storm or even a standalone game with totally new levels, enemies, visuals and global online leaderboards (most likely Steamworks).

DISCLAIMER: Kot-in-Action disclaims all warranties. Steel Storm: Towers of Doom Mod is provided "As Is" and without warranty. Kot-in-Action does not warrant that Steel Storm: Towers of Doom Mod or the operation of it will be uninterrupted or error-free or that Steel Storm: Towers of Doom Mod will meet your specific or special requirements.


Seattle is waiting for us, baby !!!

Heading to Seattle, WA today to meet Kot-in-Action's lead coder, codename "daemon"! It will be team reunion so to speak :)

Sounds like we might be meeting some important people there. Keeping my fingers crossed already, hoping it will all go well. The photo session and the trip diary will be coming after we come back August 30th. Stay tuned.


A guide and walkthrough videos for Episode 1

Finally, we have a guide and walkthrough videos made by one of the fans for Steel Storm: Burning Retribution. Read it here! The guy shows you how it's done and explains how to pass Episode 1. Check this video out, where he passes through the Burning Sands, at his YouTube and give him a thumb up please.


Reviews, interviews …

I suppose it's about time to let you guys know that we have quite a bit of positive reviews lined up along with some interviews. You can find it in the "Press" section of our company's website at


SandStorm Editor timelapsed

A new video is showing how easy and quick one can make a custom mission using SandStorm Editor which comes with Steel Storm: Burning Retribution.


Interviewed, twice

Well, finally some awesome folks interviewed us. It's a good read :)

Interview: Kot-In-Action Talks Steel Storm at Press X of Die

Steeling Focus: An interview with Kot-in-Action Creative Artel at Take Initiative