Steel Storm, an indie top-down arcade shooter. SP, DM and COOP! Linux, Mac and Win platforms.

Steel Storm series WIKI and new DLC

I have decided that Steel Storm 2 needs a small prequel, SS:BR users need new cool map pack and Steam is very cool about that. Therefore, I have begun working on a map pack for SS:BR! Some of the new ideas for the art workflow will be used in Steel Storm 2 if successfully implemented in the new DLC. We are hoping for your support on this one! (that will help Steel Storm 2 development immensely)

One the other note, a grand manual for Steel Storm series incarnate in the form of WIKI is up and running at


Steel Storm 2 and ODE barrels


Steel Storm 2 got a Wiki, SS:BR DLC on Desura

I just put together a foundation for full blown Steel Storm 2 Wiki.

Desura finally propped DLC to their service so now Desura users, who own Steel Storm there, can get a hold of the Weapon Pack DLC.

I am finding it really hard to get a hold of the people who bough Steel Storm: Burning Retribution to see about possible map pack DLC for the game, kinda prequel to the second installment. Any ideas?

Latest development video of Steel Storm 2:


New look for Steel Storm’s site

It's been a long time since the last update. We have been trying to find ways to raise some money so that we could expand out team and make new projects happen rather sooner. The reality of things is harsh. I feel that we have wasted a lot of time with that route and I feel that we could have delivered more content for Steel Storm: Burning Retribution.

Nevertheless, Kot-in-Action has been working diligently on two new games, Steel Storm 2 and Tomes of Mephistopheles and despite the setbacks in alpha funding, I am hoping for the best as always.

Yesterday I have updated Steel Storm: Burning Retribution's website with a new look and I added new videos and images to the Media section of the blog. I am brooding some plans for a new DLC for Steel Storm, which will be a map pack. It's still a possibility, although I am not going to make any promises for the release date.



Happy New Year!!!

Kot-in-Action Creative Artel wishes you all the best in the upcoming 2012. Have joy, strong health, happiness and prosperity! Cheers!


Steel Storm Weapon Pack DLC is out!

Get it on Steam!


Steel Storm is in Japan; new patch is on Steam!

At long last, thanks some cool guys from Japan and Playism, スチールストーム (Steel Storm) has hit Japanese market of video games! We are very excited!

On the other note, Steel Storm got a cool patch on Steam. You get to have a Weapon Shop aka Loadout Terminal (you would know that if you played ToD mod)!! Now you get to re-arm you tank at the beginning of every mission during Burning Retribution campaign or do so during the battle! It's a very cool feature! Imagine yourself battling through the hordes of enemies that are taking over. You miss your beam cannon :( Not a problem! Go back to the Weapon Shop, grab the Beam and whoop enemy's ass one more time! :D