Steel Storm, an indie top-down arcade shooter. SP, DM and COOP! Linux, Mac and Win platforms.

Steel Storm 2 progress

Things have not been moving as fast as I would like for them to move with Steel Storm 2. Nevertheless, here is what has been done recently:

1. Ported Doom 3 MD5 exporter to Blender 2.63a (that means we can churn out animated content)
2. Helped MCampagnini to add compatibility with idTech 4 to ASE exporter for Blender 2.63a (that means we can churn out static meshes, including terrains)
3. Got base Steel Storm 2 code running with idTech 4 (that means we can start making maps, assets and immediately test it natively)

... and some other things that are needed to be shown (when ready) instead of mentioned :)


Steel Storm got an update on Steam !!!

Steel Storm got an update on Steam, which fixes Mac OS X sound issues and improves collisions on the terrain of Burning Sands.

This update was not tested with Mac OS X 10.5.8 because support for that particular OS X version is being dropped.

A free map and mission for Steel Storm are coming soon to Steam. Updates for other platform will be coming soon, stay tuned.


Outstanding review of the Steel Storm demo!

I found (or rather Google did) a rare gem on the vast space of the Internet. A best review of the Steel Storm demo, ever! Please check it out:


DLC poll, to be or not to be

Hey fellas,

I really want to make a DLC for Steel Storm: Burning Retribution. Cool story is already written. All we need to know if you, committed fan, want that DLC to come to life and will buy it.

Come and vote! Express yourself!

VOTE for the DLC

P.S. Sorry for this period of inactivity, I have been visiting Russia. So, from Russia with love :) I will be back in a few days. Cheers.


Reviews, interviews …

I suppose it's about time to let you guys know that we have quite a bit of positive reviews lined up along with some interviews. You can find it in the "Press" section of our company's website at


version 2.00.02797 has arrived

Massive update has hit Steam (GET IT HERE!) and Ubuntu Software Center today! Here is what we got for v2.00.02797:


  • New CTF missions: Arsenal CTF, Hack and Slash CTF
  • New bonus campaign/co-op missions: Onslaught, Purgatory
  • Better profile updating
  • Player Initiated Voting - Includes mission changes and player kicks. (Admins can force map changes or create votes even if it’s disabled.)
  • Name tags
  • Chat bubble
  • Team balancing
  • Fixed CTF and Deathmatch bugs
  • IP address of server is now shown in server browser
  • Manual connection to a server using IP address and port
  • Passwords can be set for joining your server, and/or for admin mode access.
  • Instant Chase Cam switch during multiplayer (at all times) and during single player (if it's unlocked). Q or Left Thumbstick Click on some gamepads is the default toggle control. (removed the chase camera toggle from the menu as it is now unnecessary due to the toggle control)
  • Added a limited visibility chase cam mode toggle for better performance on slow machines


  • when the death/respawn menu is called it is now sent to the bottom of the draw list
  • during mission changes, weapons now only carry over to other missions if the new mission is a campaign mission
  • changed chat text draw time from 5 mins to 30 seconds
  • some objects can now have teams. if an object is on your team, you cannot damage it, hack it, or break it (evaporator). Existing team oriented objects still use the old setup, but new objects can toggle the team from neutral, red, blue in the editor. These objects include: All AI (which is moot until we enable ai in team games), damageable structures, evaporators, equipment, terminals, fusion core racks, and portals (also moot for now).
  • if a terminal is not on your team and is not neutral you cannot access it (unless hacking)
  • fixed a bug that was toggling briefing and editor mode for players when a mission is saved using the "Save As" feature
  • pressure plate now makes noise when toggling from down to up
  • slightly decreased the side of the hud objective text because the previous size was hard to read with the font
  • moved team score text to the left side of the radar to make room for overlapping objective text
  • corrupt fusion cores are now owned by teams instead of all players
  • fixed a bug that wasn't displaying players to clients who haven't chosen a team
  • added to all server configs: "sv_allowgamemode_campaign 1 (allows players to select campaign missions when voting); sv_allowgamemode_deathmatch 1 (allows players to select deathmatch missions when voting); sv_allowgamemode_ctf 1 (allows players to select ctf missions when voting)
  • data keys are no longer usable by any team when a player gets a key. when a team member gets a data key, any member of that same team can use the key.
  • changed the font and size of the console and chat text
  • fixed a bug that was causing objects coming into view to play their last assigned event sound/animation
  • Bonus Missions
  • dropped weapons now remove after 30 seconds unless in campaign mode which still removes at 5 mins
  • player model yaw angles now update to the view angles instead of waiting for the server to tell it to update
  • fixed a bug that was allowing stage triggers to ignore max trigger rules
  • added to all server configs: "mission_locked_default 0 (the default for locked missions. this prevents mission changes via normal means or votes, usually used for editing purposes. administrators can still force mission changes or initiate votes to change the mission. use sv_emptyserverrestarttime 0 and mission_locked_default 0 to create a persistent world.)
  • camera options are no longer greyed out when fps mode is selected
  • added the editor options menu to have an option to toggle locking of missions to prevent map changes for any reason other than an admin creating a vote or forcing a change
  • centerprint messages now squish to fit on the screen if they are too long
  • fixed a bug that was checking objects with no entid as trigger ents and thinking entid 0 was a match
  • fixed a ctf bug involving switching a flag base to noflag mode or deleting/moving a flag base while a player has its flag
  • updated several player stats involving time to only update once and removed several unused stats
  • the reset button in the controls menu now brings up a menu with options to reset each of the 4 categories, or all at once
  • fixed a bug that was locking the player out of the menu if he was hosting a server with manual rotation and he backs out of the mission lists
  • player stun time and weapon disable time now reset on spawn
  • fixed a bug that was not displaying correct map timers on the player's hud
  • x# text that appears next to ai when you get a multi-kill bonus and player nametags no longer try to draw in fps mode when behind the player
  • all esc menu backgrounds are now set with the cutout in the bottom until tooltips are added
  • fixed a bug that was causing the position of scrolling text (such as the credits) to shift around when opening different menus
  • increased ai alertness cone size from 130 to 160 degrees
  • added names to the large map for player icons (max chars 12)
  • ctf flag messages are now printed in large font in the center of the screen (like other messages) instead of in the top left corner
  • fixed a bug that was causing dropped flags to remove after 5 mins even if they were returned or picked up
  • fixed a bug that was not removing item think functions and mobile data if they are picked up while flying though the air after being dropped
  • fixed some issues with the way the join password menu was being drawn and the way priority menus handle the esc key
  • removed dlights from the secondary delayed explosions used with large containers and fusion core racks (reduces the number of dlights used during the explosion by half)
  • if a player quits during a vote his vote is removed and votes are recounted
  • name tags are now drawn over players with team colors (other than local player)
  • spawn pads now draw on the map with team colors
  • fixed a bug that was drawing players on the map during deathmatch as if they were part of your team
  • added "EASY" and "HARD" titles next to the difficulty setting when creating a profile (since people fail to read the descriptions :P)
  • fixed some bugs with drawing the server list
  • period is now a valid numerical character in input boxes
  • added notifications for all weapon pickups
  • added key map notification when player picks up his first secondary weapon
  • added key map notification when player can switch secondary weapons
  • weapons now drop next to the player if they're being replaced
  • added advanced host options for passwords, and voting
  • fixed a bug in the client that might occur if a storm shield ball is removed w/o the player being on the scene
  • changed the order of hud layers that are drawn, ie painframe, menus
  • fixed the way the graphical separator was drawn on the main menu
  • the local player is now set with admin access on join
  • updated server configs with new cvars
  • fixed several minor bugs

Full XB360 gamepad support and more!

Good news! The full support for XB360 gamepad is coming sometime this week!! Yay!

Along with that, we have prepared a surprise! Stay tuned.

Almost forgot :/ The Mac OS X version of the game is available on Steam now. Get it while it's hot!