Steel Storm, an indie top-down arcade shooter. SP, DM and COOP! Linux, Mac and Win platforms.

Sneak peek at indoors of Steel Storm 2

You've already seen what outdoors of Steel Storm look like (although it's still a work in progress).

This is the first screenshot featuring an indoor area of Steel Storm 2:


Outstanding review of the Steel Storm demo!

I found (or rather Google did) a rare gem on the vast space of the Internet. A best review of the Steel Storm demo, ever! Please check it out:


Seattle is waiting for us, baby !!!

Heading to Seattle, WA today to meet Kot-in-Action's lead coder, codename "daemon"! It will be team reunion so to speak :)

Sounds like we might be meeting some important people there. Keeping my fingers crossed already, hoping it will all go well. The photo session and the trip diary will be coming after we come back August 30th. Stay tuned.


A guide and walkthrough videos for Episode 1

Finally, we have a guide and walkthrough videos made by one of the fans for Steel Storm: Burning Retribution. Read it here! The guy shows you how it's done and explains how to pass Episode 1. Check this video out, where he passes through the Burning Sands, at his YouTube and give him a thumb up please.


Steel Storm, the latest goodies

Steel Storm: Burning Retribution got it's new update and it was bumped up to version 2.00.02818. Here is the changelog to keep you out of the dark:

  • fixed a bug that was setting the end game flag always true on showing end mission scores
  • fixed a bug that was checking the wrong variable when preparing scoreboard stats
  • fixed a bug that was checking the wrong variable for mission end when drawing mission score options
  • fixed a bug that was displaying time left below 0 when viewing end mission scores and the server is slow
  • fixed a bug that was causing the wrong ping to display in the end mission scores
  • fixed a bug that was incorrectly coloring score highlighting in the end mission scores
  • increased the brightness of the highlight color for the score listing the local player
  • removed the player score placing as a stat and moved it to the normal score stat updater (updated when mission is complete)
  • the Message of The Day notification system
  • scores now send to clients at a 1 at a time basis instead of updating all scores at once even if most of them are unchanged
  • added ping to the scoreboard
  • added damage dealt and accuracy to the scoreboard (damage dealt exists in old scoreboard files)
  • fixed a bug that was drawing Storm Shield hits wrong against objects with shields
  • fixed a bug that was not saving player profile/config after the game updates their profile
  • fixed a bug that was setting revision wrong for new profiles
  • floored some values in the scoreboard to avoid decimals
  • decreased font size on the scoreboard to fit more stats in
  • increased size of the scoreboard
  • rewrote major portions of the scoreboard code to easily allow more stats and more game modes to be added
  • scoreboard columns now adjust to the scoreboard stat titles to avoid translated text overlapping each other

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Game on!



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Reviews, interviews …

I suppose it's about time to let you guys know that we have quite a bit of positive reviews lined up along with some interviews. You can find it in the "Press" section of our company's website at