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Why does the game run badly on Ubuntu 11.10 ?

Unity desktop (along with KDE 4 and GNOME 3) uses compositing for all the desktop effects and rendering. It interferes with OpenGL games and the games don't really "like" that, so to speak. The solution is to turn off that desktop feature to ensure all of the Linux games that use OpenGL run smooth and perform well. It's easier said than done on Ubuntu 11.10. Nevertheless, we discovered one tiny and useful tool located here: Download and install it first (Ubuntu 11.xx and up). Run it by typing Unity 2D in Dash and clicking on unity 2D Settings, uncheck "Enable Compositing", close the app. Done! Enjoy lightning fast performance of your desktop and Steel Storm: Burning Retribution on Ubuntu 11.xx and above.

I have Intel GPU (GMA945, GMA950, X3100, etc.) and shared VRAM. Some of the bigger and prettier levels have no textures. How do I fix it?

Most likely you run out of VRAM on integrated systems. To fix that issue you can turn on textures and lightmaps compression. Bring down in-game console by pressing Shift Esc. Type in the following cvars and press Enter, one by one:

gl_texturecompression 1
gl_texturecompression_q3bsplightmaps 1
gl_texturecompression_q3bspdeluxemaps 1
gl_texturecompression_sky 1

Restart game's video system by typing in vid_restart and pressing Enter.

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