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Year 2012.... Humankind learned about many planets that can sustain life, just like Earth.

Distant future.... Mankind figured out the way to travel interstellar space and reach those planets. Life, as we know it, had changed. No longer bound by the small planet Earth the population sprawled, new political and economical powers formed. People traveled to the distant galaxies and inhabited various planets. Human nature, however, has not changed. Great powers needed more natural resources to sustain their way of life. Each geopolitical entity created an organization, whose task was to seek most valuable resources throughout the vast interstellar space and establish colonies to maintain control over planets containing these resources. It didn't take a long time to get many sides involved into many conflicts and wars over precious elements.

Through time, Stargazer Kingdom became most influential and powerful entity. During the first New Century War, the kingdom had been creating a greatest army the world had ever seen. Led by the mighty General Nabbatt, Stargazer Kingdom Army won many battles and captured planets in numbers. At the end of War, corrupted by the unlimited power and privileges, General Nabbatt seized the control of the large number of troops and separated from the Stargazer Kingdom to create his own empire. The Legion, a new army of the rogue general, obtained the most advanced and powerful weapons to ensure supremacy over Stargazer Kingdom Army.

Stunned by such betrayal, Stargazer Kingdom created Royal Interstellar Armored Core, a battle unit comprised of the finest soldiers, to seek and destroy General Nabbatt and his army. During the first few decades of the confrontation between RIAC and the Legion, Royal Engineering Cops created a brigade of advanced hovertanks, which were though to become a secret weapon of the RIAC. Abigail Seetareh, a young female officer of RIAC, was among the chosen solders for the Burning Retribution campaign against the rogue general and his minions.

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